winter fishing


So this past weekend Jason and I went fishing at Lake Norman. It was a high of about 53 degree. It’s not unusual that we go fishing in the winter time and catch fish. It may be hard, but you just have to look for them. I caught several white perch and bass in 30 ft. of water. It was so much fun. We used jigs and live minnows. We were actually looking for crappie, but we never had any real success with them. People keep saying to look under docks, brush piles, trees, etc. We’ve tried and caught a few that just happened to be out of nowhere. So whatever fish that we catch, we’re just as happy.

Jason has a depth finder on his boat and we use that little device to look for structures including drop-offs, cuts, and other typical contours that holds fish. It’s a really useful device to have with when fishing. I think without it, we’d just keep casting and hoping to catch something when perhaps there may be no fish around or near it. Another thing is that the water temperature plays a significant role in catching and finding fish. This explains why we were able to catch white perch and bass in deeper water during this time.

Here’s a fish taco that we made from our white perch. It was absolutely delicious!





winter snow storm 2016


We had our first winter snow storm of 2016. We received about 3 inches of snowfall, ice and sleet. The state of North Carolina was closed for 2 days, lol. Many wise people chose to stay indoors and not on the roads. We stayed inside too.

I hope the snow clears up, I have an interview this coming Tuesday at one of the places that I applied. I hope all works out if God’s willing for me to get this job. If not, then I’ll stay positive and move on to the next one.

Oh, and the Panthers play today against the Cardinals. I hope the Panthers play the full game and not quit on the second half like last week game. But a win is a win. Go Panthers!! 🙂