this thanksgiving i’m thankful for

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is around the corner! This year has gone by too fast! I’m surprised that I’m still scheduled during this time, last year I was complaining of not getting any work hours at all. I really do enjoy being a PRN nurse and I think any nursing jobs down the road, I’ll position for PRN.

I remember years ago before I met my husband, I had a career driven mindset, full of energy and ambition. After my completion of nursing school with a BSN, I had hoped to work a year or two as a nurse and then go back to school for my master or apply to PA school. I had dreams of traveling, helping people and becoming a missionary nurse in third world countries. But my dreams were not God’s will for me. I worked myself too hard that I forgot to take care of myself and enjoy life. I ended up getting sick and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. My life tumbled down fast. I was confused and angry at God. I felt like I had my life going full speed for me and suddenly a road blockage and everything crashed. I lost my job, health, health insurance etc. Medical bills were piling up. My family, friends and boyfriend who is now my husband were there to support me. When I was at my¬†lowest I needed God the most and nothing else. I prayed and conversed with God daily through those difficult times. In my heart, I never felt so much peace and calmness than ever before. I looked around me and there were things that I would not have discovered to enjoy if I had focused on the things of my own desires. God surely had a different path and plan for me. He has humbled me, made me whole again, and restored my health. I would not have known that my husband was the one for me if it had not been for these difficult times. God works in mysterious ways that we cannot even fathom.

Even though this happened 5 years ago, I’m reminded to be thankful for life, my husband, family and friends. God has blessed me this far and I know there are even greater things He has in store for me. And even if life decides to take a turn again, I know that God is still with me.



a slow month

Work is slow. ūüė¶ I worked one day last week and this week I’m working none, unless I get a call that they need me. I like being a PRN¬†nurse but the hours aren’t usually guaranteed. I’d like to work a minimum of 3 days/24 hrs per week if I can, but right now doctors’ schedules are very light.

My husband told me not to worry and enjoy my time off while I can. I’m trying to stay positive although that can be challenging. I’m used to working ever since I was 14, and I come from a hard working family. It’s been ingrained in me. It’s like I can’t stop thinking about work and everyone else is working, but I’m not, and I’m quite healthy now so why can’t I do full time anymore? I can’t have this discussion with my husband, otherwise we’ll get into an argument and his last words are always that he doesn’t ¬†want me to end up in the hospital again. So I usually leave it as it is.

God has been good to us and I wish I can elaborate of all the things that He’s done. He’s taken care of us and given us time to spend together. Even though I don’t work often, but I’m thankful that I get to see my husband, cook and make lunch and dinner for him. I’m glad too that he works from home, and sometimes on a nice day he sets his work aside and takes me fishing. And you know, I’m never going to turn that down.

football & fishing

So the Panthers didn’t win the SB50, but I’m still happy that they made it this¬†far to the Super Bowl.¬†Last night our offensive line was terrible. Cam didn’t have good coverages and was sacked many times. And the referees? What side were they on? I wish the media would stop spewing forth disparaging comments about¬†Cam.¬†He’s just being himself, and he has a true passion for football. He makes football fun and exciting for everyone of all ages.¬†After all, he’s the NFL MVP of the year!

Since now football season is over, I’m ready to do more fishing. My husband and I decided to make a fishing video to capture every fishing moment that we do together so that 50 years down the road when we couldn’t fish anymore, we would have something to look back and enjoy. Here’s our first fishing video. Hope you get a chance to check it out and subscribe for more.

happy new year

This year has been starting off good. My doctor’s appointment with my nephrologist last week went well and positive. Good healthy lab results. On that positive note, Jason and I want to expand our family. We don’t have a timeline of when it will happen yet, but my doctor went ahead and switched me to a different medication with less harmful effects. I honestly don’t want to take any medication at all if I become pregnant, but I have an autoimmune disease, and it sucks.

I have researched the medication Imuran and visited a message board about people with autoimmune diseases who have taken this medication and wanted to get pregnant.This medication is a category D which has health risks for the fetus. Surprisingly, there were a lot of¬†people who reported of¬†having a healthy baby and/or low birth weight. That was uplifting to know from real people who have far more medical difficulties and¬†able to conceive. I’m really encouraged.¬†

Aside from that I have been looking and applying for PRN and part-time positions. My husband clearly told me that he doesn’t want me to work full time and not in the Charlotte area. I think that’s where all the jobs are at, in the city. I struggle to find jobs here in my small town. But today I found one that’s down the street from where I live. It’s a part-time PRN and it’s 10am-5pm M-F, and Sat 10am-4pm. And they’re specialized in treating and getting rid of lice. I think I could learn more about lice than just knowing that it’s spread by direct contact, and a more effective¬†way to get rid of it. I don’t mind.

Another job that I applied is at the asthma and allergy for a PRN position. My friend is currently working at one of the locations and he says that it’s low stress and easy as long as you show up. I’m taking his word for it.

So for now, I’m just waiting to hear back from these two places. And either one is fine with me.