posing with the bass


my fishing license expired today. i need to renew it the next that that i go fishing. i simply can’t get enough of fishing. it’s addicting! i love surprises and fishing is like surprises, you’ll never know what you’re going to catch and how big the fish is!


mini updates

Sorry, I haven’t been back to write. I’ve just been so busy,  but I’m here to update on some stuff.

The last time I posted was about a month ago about my anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since Jason and I have been married. It was a rocky beginning of our marriage that no one would want. We faced with many difficult hardships because of my medical problems. I lost my job, health insurance, medical bills piled up, and had lots of doctor visits and treatments. Though these obstacles came first in our marriage, it helped build our characters and marriage, and we thank God that He provided and sustained us through those hard times.

We sponsored another child from Ecuador through Compassion. Our first sponsored child is from Ethiopia. We decided that we’re going to keep sponsoring girls because many girls in poor countries don’t have advantages like boys. We hope that they get to go to school, learn about Jesus and share Jesus with their family and friends.

I had to redo the 23andme DNA, not sure why they can’t extract my DNA. It’s going to take a while.

We took my little cousin and some people from our church fishing last Sunday. My little cousin just seems so unmotivated, quiet, emotionless, aloof, etc. I don’t know if it’s because of puberty that makes him this way or because his parents are having medical problems and he just shuts himself off. His mom has cancer and his dad has constant head pain and the doctor couldn’t find the answer. Jason and I have tried to invite him to do things with us like going to the store to get bubble tea, hanging out at my brother’s house, and helping with homework. We thought that taking him fishing since he’s never fished before would help boost his confident and feel a sense of accomplishment. He actually caught many fish that day. That was so exciting for us but we couldn’t really tell if he was too, he was just emotionless. Hopefully he was happy inside. My parents mentioned that he likes digging clams, so maybe when we get our boat fixed and the weather permits, we’ll take him out to dig clams.

Let’s see what else, oh Jason’s best friends adopted a baby girl. So excited for them and they have been praying about it for the longest. We still pray and hope that God will shed lights on us in wanting to start a family too.

Lastly, we’re starting to look for some lakefront land away from the city and congested town that we’re in. We pray we’ll fine one between both of our parents locations so that we can still visit them.

I think that’s all for the updates.

I’ll return to write more.





happy new year 2018

Happy New Year! Since I’m off work today, I decided to update my blog. The start of the new year has been good so far, my nephrologist took me off prednisone! I’m so glad, I had been on it for  5 years! My nephrologist says that I’m completely in full remission and doesn’t think that I’m going to relapse. And at the end of February, he wants me to do an urinalysis to see if I leak protein since being taken off the prednisone. I still continually monitor my blood pressure, any edema, and observe my urine for any signs of kidney failure.

The only meds that I’m mainly taking is imuran and the rest are vitamins and supplements. I dislike taking meds but maybe someday I can come off the imuran too, let’s just hope.

We’re still trying to get pregnant, but Jason’s count is super low as of now. He’s taking supplements and vitamins to try to boost it up. After the RV last year, we did see swimmers, and it increased every month and we were hopeful. Then Jason took a hot bath and we scoped again, and saw nothing but dead ones. We hoped it was just the hot bath that caused the plummet, and not the scar tissue. A few days later we scoped again and saw a couple of it moving. We’re hoping that next month we’ll see more and Jason may go and get professionally look at. As for me, once his end is resolved and we don’t get pregnant by next year, then I’ll have myself check. But we got to get these swimmers out and rolling.

I told Jason that if pregnancy doesn’t happen for us that I’d still be happy and love him. Sometimes I did wish that he didn’t do what he did and consulted someone first, but if we didn’t let the past happen, we wouldn’t have met each other.


this new year,

Jason and I are still continue reading the gospels

Hope to get pregnant if that’s God’s will

Plan for more fishing trips and explore more lakes

Be more adventurous

Get more involved in church

Continue to plan fishing ministry and get more people together

Listen to God




it’s not about us, it’s about Him

Last week I went to get a physical and blood work done and everything was normal. My creatinine level was 0.68, the range is 0.57-1.00 mg/dL. Five years ago, I was dx with an autoimmune disease that attacked my kidneys. I was at a 4.0 when I was hospitalized and my doctor said that I may need a kidney transplant or dialysis if I’m not responding to tx. Looking back I can see God’s work in all of this. If you see me now, you wouldn’t know what I had gone through because I look normal and healthy. I try to use my personal difficulty to encourage those who are going through the difficult time and know that there is a God, and if there seems no way out, let Him in.

I can’t believe we’re in December, it seems like Thanksgiving was just last week. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I had a great time with family and friends. I took some friends fishing on Thanksgiving weekend. One guy has been attending our church regularly and I don’t think he’s a believer yet. He brings his daughter to play with the kids at church. He’d just moved here from Cali and never fished before. My good husband did a good job teaching him how to fish and making sure everyone had fun. We had talked before about starting a fishing ministry within our church group and expanding it from there. And this was a good start, I’m glad this guy and another friend went with us and had fun.

I’m half way done with buying Christmas gifts for family members. To be honest, I hate shopping, but it’s once a year that everyone will get presents and on their birthday. I try not to get into the idea that Christmas is about buying new toys, christmas tree, santa clause or reindeer, but to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas–Jesus’ birth. God sent his son so that we may have eternal life. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and Jesus Christ was born to save us from sins. This is the real meaning of Christmas, it’s so profound and important, and I hope that we continue to go into the month of December with this reflection.


random updates:

I’m back! I haven’t been writing in here for a while. There have been many good things happened these past months. We thank God for all the blessings.

Jason had an undisclosed surgery done again in May. Thanks God that he did well and recovered from it and that it worked.

We’re still fishing and catching bass.

We had a baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law in August. They’re due in October, next week! Very exciting!

God blessed us with a brand new truck in September! We did not expect it. Now we have a reliable and durable vehicle to explore more fishing lakes in NC.

We had a leak in our garage roof for a year and managed to temporarily patch it for a while. Instead of hiring someone to do it, we took upon ourselves to fix the front and back roof with the volunteering to help from my brother, sister-in-law, and our neighbor Brad, who knows about roofing. Thanks God this big project is done!

We recently sponsored a child through Compassion International in September, a girl from Ethiopia. Hoping that we can do much more.

Other than that, work is going well and still doing PRN at the same place. My health is good and so is Jason’s. Thanks be to God.