hope for a baby


My precious nephew was born 7lbs 3oz on 10/18/17. He shares the same birthday as Jason’s older brother, Ben. All he loves to do is eat, sleep, cry and poop.

I wonder sometimes what it would be like to have a baby too. Jason and I want to have one, but it’s not easy. I don’t know if I’m still fertile and my eggs are okay after having undergone several chemo treatments 4 years ago. My menstrual cycle is regular and normal. Still, it doesn’t mean anything. My doctor says that he used the low dose of chemo and it shouldn’t affect me much and that I’m still young.

On the other hand, Jason had a vasectomy in his mid 20s when he decided that he didn’t want to have any children. I must admit, I got on him about his past several times and tried to understand his logic. He says that his mother had mental health problems, and he didn’t want to inherit to his children. He also states that he may have had some psychological problems at the time and made a hasty decision. This was all before his faith wasn’t as strong as today.

So this takes us to where we are now. Last year, Jason had a RV and it failed. This year, he had it done again, and it worked. It’s just a matter of God’s timing now. What gives me hope is knowing many people in the bible struggled with infertility and overcame it through God. There are still some unknown factors that we haven’t sorted it out yet, but for now, we continue to pray that this is God’s will for us too.



deactivate FB

I deactivated my FB today. I wanted to do it a long time ago, but I never managed to go through it.

Today I did it. I just feel FB changes my mood and the things that people post are not relevant and not always positive or encouraging. I wanted to use my FB to draw people to Christ, to encourage and inspire, and to share my fishing photos. But it seemed like negative draws more attention. So here I am back to blogging. It feels good to write regardless who reads it or not, and a place where I can write about my faith, my life, and my love for fishing.