posing with the bass


my fishing license expired today. i need to renew it the next that that i go fishing. i simply can’t get enough of fishing. it’s addicting! i love surprises and fishing is like surprises, you’ll never know what you’re going to catch and how big the fish is!


bass fishing


Yesterday the weather was so nice! It was in a high of 70s and sunny! My husband and I took advantage of the beautiful day to go fishing. We caught so many bass! Actually my husband was catching most of them, maybe 30? We didn’t keep count because we were catching them left and right and having so much fun! I love that you can dupe the fish with artificial lures and jigs and catch them. Once the fish is on, the fight begins!

We don’t always keep all the fish that we catch. We release them back and keep a few that are within the quantity and size limit to keep. My family and friends love to eat fish and they always ask us about it. We want to be a blessing and share with those who loves eating fish, in the meantime, be considerate of the bass population and sport. Also not poisoning our family and friends with too much mercury and selenium too.

I gave in and shared my photo on FB via Instagram. The other week my mom asked why I haven’t posted any fishing pictures lately. I told her that FB is evil, lol.¬†She insisted that I can still share fishing photos with family and friends. I guess I can and just detach myself from the negative things on there.

deactivate FB

I deactivated my FB today. I wanted to do it a long time ago, but I never managed to go through it.

Today I did it. I just feel FB changes my mood and the things that people post are not relevant and not always positive or encouraging. I wanted to use my FB to draw people to Christ, to encourage and inspire, and to share my fishing photos. But it seemed like negative draws more attention. So here I am back to blogging. It feels good to write regardless who reads it or not, and a place where I can write about my faith, my life, and my love for fishing.

winter fishing


So this past weekend Jason and I went fishing at Lake Norman. It was a high of about 53 degree. It’s not unusual that we go fishing in the winter time and catch fish. It may be hard, but you just have to look for them. I caught several white perch and bass in 30 ft. of water. It was so much fun. We used jigs and live minnows. We were actually looking for crappie, but we never had any real success with them. People keep saying to look under docks, brush piles, trees, etc. We’ve tried and caught a few that just happened to be out of nowhere. So whatever fish that we catch, we’re just as happy.

Jason has a depth finder on his boat and we use that little device to look for structures including drop-offs, cuts, and other typical contours that holds fish. It’s a really useful device to have with when fishing. I think without it, we’d just keep casting and hoping to catch something when perhaps there may be no fish around or near it. Another thing is that the water temperature plays a significant role in catching and finding fish. This explains why we were able to catch white perch and bass in deeper water during this time.

Here’s a fish taco that we made from our white perch. It was absolutely delicious!