happy new year 2018

Happy New Year! Since I’m off work today, I decided to update my blog. The start of the new year has been good so far, my nephrologist took me off prednisone! I’m so glad, I had been on it for  5 years! My nephrologist says that I’m completely in full remission and doesn’t think that I’m going to relapse. And at the end of February, he wants me to do an urinalysis to see if I leak protein since being taken off the prednisone. I still continually monitor my blood pressure, any edema, and observe my urine for any signs of kidney failure.

The only meds that I’m mainly taking is imuran and the rest are vitamins and supplements. I dislike taking meds but maybe someday I can come off the imuran too, let’s just hope.

We’re still trying to get pregnant, but Jason’s count is super low as of now. He’s taking supplements and vitamins to try to boost it up. After the RV last year, we did see swimmers, and it increased every month and we were hopeful. Then Jason took a hot bath and we scoped again, and saw nothing but dead ones. We hoped it was just the hot bath that caused the plummet, and not the scar tissue. A few days later we scoped again and saw a couple of it moving. We’re hoping that next month we’ll see more and Jason may go and get professionally look at. As for me, once his end is resolved and we don’t get pregnant by next year, then I’ll have myself check. But we got to get these swimmers out and rolling.

I told Jason that if pregnancy doesn’t happen for us that I’d still be happy and love him. Sometimes I did wish that he didn’t do what he did and consulted someone first, but if we didn’t let the past happen, we wouldn’t have met each other.


this new year,

Jason and I are still continue reading the gospels

Hope to get pregnant if that’s God’s will

Plan for more fishing trips and explore more lakes

Be more adventurous

Get more involved in church

Continue to plan fishing ministry and get more people together

Listen to God