a slow month

Work is slow. 😦 I worked one day last week and this week I’m working none, unless I get a call that they need me. I like being a PRN nurse but the hours aren’t usually guaranteed. I’d like to work a minimum of 3 days/24 hrs per week if I can, but right now doctors’ schedules are very light.

My husband told me not to worry and enjoy my time off while I can. I’m trying to stay positive although that can be challenging. I’m used to working ever since I was 14, and I come from a hard working family. It’s been ingrained in me. It’s like I can’t stop thinking about work and everyone else is working, but I’m not, and I’m quite healthy now so why can’t I do full time anymore? I can’t have this discussion with my husband, otherwise we’ll get into an argument and his last words are always that he doesn’t  want me to end up in the hospital again. So I usually leave it as it is.

God has been good to us and I wish I can elaborate of all the things that He’s done. He’s taken care of us and given us time to spend together. Even though I don’t work often, but I’m thankful that I get to see my husband, cook and make lunch and dinner for him. I’m glad too that he works from home, and sometimes on a nice day he sets his work aside and takes me fishing. And you know, I’m never going to turn that down.


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