random thoughts

This country is depressing. Politicians are a joke. There’s more serious problems than to fight about the HB2. I don’t agree with LBGT but it doesn’t mean that I dislike them.

The presidential candidates for this year is scary. I don’t want any of them to be president. If that time comes and I have to choose, I would have get on my knees and pray really hard.

This country is becoming more racist, whether you’re white, black, asian, hispanic, muslim, etc.

This country is very sensitive to a lot of things and eager to suing.

This country praises talentless celebrities such as Kardashians, Kanye and rappers that raps about sex, money, drugs, killing, et.

People fight and get killed over Jordan.

Facebook and Yahoo have become the hub for reliable news.

There’s no God in this country. We’re too good and proud to rely on Him.

Churches are going downhill. No God and no sound doctrine.

People change and we don’t always know why.

God is still in control and He still loves us all.


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