interview and more fishing

I had my interview two days ago at the Asthma and Allergy clinic. I think it went well. I was surprised to learn the manager who interviewed me had so much in common with me. Not only that we share the same last name, but she has a daughter-in-law who is half Cambodian and Chinese. She said that she knows a lot about the Cambodian and Chinese cultures. I really find that amazing when someone of another race knows about my culture backgrounds.

Nonetheless, it’s a PRN position and I think it will provide more flexibility in life for me. As I have mentioned in my previous post that Jason and I want to start a family, if God’s will for us. We don’t know when that will happen but it’s a matter of God’s timing.

Anyway, Jason and I want to do more fishing. Yes! We love fishing! It’s been so cold, but that will not stop us. It’s just that Jason has so much work to do, and I simply can’t go out and launch the boat on my own. Jason is working so hard to get his work done so that we can go fishing this coming weekend. 🙂

And last the Carolina Panthers are going to the SUPER BOWL 50!! I’m so excited and have been waiting for this to come!! I can’t wait!! Please be sure to cheer for them!! I have and will always stand behind my home team although I do have other favorite NFL teams. but GO PANTHERS!



winter snow storm 2016


We had our first winter snow storm for 2016. We received about 3 inches of snowfall, ice and sleet. The state of North Carolina was closed for 2 days, lol. Many wise people chose to stay indoors and not on the roads. We stayed inside too.

I hope the snow clears up, I have an interview this coming Tuesday at one of the places that I applied. I hope all works out if God’s willing for me to get this job. If not, then I’ll stay positive and move on to the next one.

Oh, and the Panthers play today against the Cardinals. I hope the Panthers play the full game and not quit on the second half like last week game. But a win is a win. Go Panthers!! 🙂

happy new year

This year has been starting off good. My doctor’s appointment with my nephrologist last week went well and positive. Good healthy lab results. On that positive note, Jason and I want to expand our family. We don’t have a timeline of when it will happen yet, but my doctor went ahead and switched me to a different medication with less harmful effects. I honestly don’t want to take any medication at all if I become pregnant, but I have an autoimmune disease, and it sucks.

I have researched the medication Imuran and visited a message board about people with autoimmune diseases who have taken this medication and wanted to get pregnant.This medication is a category D which has health risks for the fetus. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people who reported of having a healthy baby and/or low birth weight. That was uplifting to know from real people who have far more medical difficulties and able to conceive. I’m really encouraged. 

Aside from that I have been looking and applying for PRN and part-time positions. My husband clearly told me that he doesn’t want me to work full time and not in the Charlotte area. I think that’s where all the jobs are at, in the city. I struggle to find jobs here in my small town. But today I found one that’s down the street from where I live. It’s a part-time PRN and it’s 10am-5pm M-F, and Sat 10am-4pm. And they’re specialized in treating and getting rid of lice. I think I could learn more about lice than just knowing that it’s spread by direct contact, and a more effective way to get rid of it. I don’t mind.

Another job that I applied is at the asthma and allergy for a PRN position. My friend is currently working at one of the locations and he says that it’s low stress and easy as long as you show up. I’m taking his word for it.

So for now, I’m just waiting to hear back from these two places. And either one is fine with me.