cambodian dish- beef ‘lok lak’


Jason and I bought many meats that were on sale at our nearest Harris Teeter last week. I personally don’t know what to do with red meat, except to make beef jerky. Then all of sudden I remember my mom used to make beef ‘lok lak’, which is a Cambodian dish. I never liked it growing up and didn’t quite understand how to eat it. I would pick out the meat only and eat it with my rice. My parents didn’t bother to correct me, as long as I was eating it. Well I just learned that you eat it by wrapping the lettuce with the meat and salad ingredients, dipping it into a sauce and eating it with rice. And it was really delicious! The meat has so much flavor! Jason was well pleased with it.

So I took a picture and post it on Facebook for my dad to see it and told him to show it to mom. He ‘likes’ it. Usually when something doesn’t look right mom would call me and sort of like verbally critique it. This time she didn’t.

I was overall pleased with this popular Cambodian dish. I got my recipe from    Check out her blog. I know I will for more Cambodian recipes.