posing with the bass


my fishing license expired today. i need to renew it the next that that i go fishing. i simply can’t get enough of fishing. it’s addicting! i love surprises and fishing is like surprises, you’ll never know what you’re going to catch and how big the fish is!


looking to get away

Jason and I currently live in the 2nd safest town in NC. We have a police station, fire station, grocery stores/shops, and a very good elementary school within walking distance. However, we live between a neighbor who is constantly drunk and loud and another neighbor who has a dog that barks all the time. It’s so frustrating. Home Owner Association did talk about it in their newsletters and now they just ignore it. Someone did take legal action against the dog owner and at one point the dog stopped barking for a while. Now he’s out and barking again, I would guess the dog’s shock collar ran out of battery or that the dog is immune to the shock and it does nothing to him.

I want to go and address these problems with the neighbors, but Jason wouldn’t let me. He thinks that I would escalate more problems, especially with the drunk lady who likes to sit outside her porch, telling whoever she is on the phone with to “F” themselves.

On my spare time, I like to casually look at new homes. A couple of weeks ago, Jason and I went to look at a few houses, but there were some disappointments. Sometimes pictures and descriptions can be misleading until you actually went to see it. There’s this one house that we really liked, and it was perfect in our descriptions and price range, but it was sold to the person who went to see it just ahead of us. It was disappointing. The house markets seem to go pretty fast. We’re not in any hurry yet, we just want to see what’s out there that meet our descriptions. In the meantime, we’re trying to fix/remodel our current house and trying to stay positive with our neighbors.

i’m not a boring human after all

I got my 23 andme reports back and the results were surprising. I also uploaded the 23 andme raw data to Wegene to break down my Asian ethnic groups and my results were very different. I’m not sure what to believe. I know from my family that we’re Cambodian Chinese and that seems right. However, my Cambodian percentage on 23 andme seems higher than my Chinese percentage, and on Wegene my Chinese percentage is higher than Cambodian. Also I got some South Indian, Melanesian and European somewhere down my lineage.




mini updates

Sorry, I haven’t been back to write. I’ve just been so busy,  but I’m here to update on some stuff.

The last time I posted was about a month ago about my anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since Jason and I have been married. It was a rocky beginning of our marriage that no one would want. We faced with many difficult hardships because of my medical problems. I lost my job, health insurance, medical bills piled up, and had lots of doctor visits and treatments. Though these obstacles came first in our marriage, it helped build our characters and marriage, and we thank God that He provided and sustained us through those hard times.

We sponsored another child from Ecuador through Compassion. Our first sponsored child is from Ethiopia. We decided that we’re going to keep sponsoring girls because many girls in poor countries don’t have advantages like boys. We hope that they get to go to school, learn about Jesus and share Jesus with their family and friends.

I had to redo the 23andme DNA, not sure why they can’t extract my DNA. It’s going to take a while.

We took my little cousin and some people from our church fishing last Sunday. My little cousin just seems so unmotivated, quiet, emotionless, aloof, etc. I don’t know if it’s because of puberty that makes him this way or because his parents are having medical problems and he just shuts himself off. His mom has cancer and his dad has constant head pain and the doctor couldn’t find the answer. Jason and I have tried to invite him to do things with us like going to the store to get bubble tea, hanging out at my brother’s house, and helping with homework. We thought that taking him fishing since he’s never fished before would help boost his confident and feel a sense of accomplishment. He actually caught many fish that day. That was so exciting for us but we couldn’t really tell if he was too, he was just emotionless. Hopefully he was happy inside. My parents mentioned that he likes digging clams, so maybe when we get our boat fixed and the weather permits, we’ll take him out to dig clams.

Let’s see what else, oh Jason’s best friends adopted a baby girl. So excited for them and they have been praying about it for the longest. We still pray and hope that God will shed lights on us in wanting to start a family too.

Lastly, we’re starting to look for some lakefront land away from the city and congested town that we’re in. We pray we’ll fine one between both of our parents locations so that we can still visit them.

I think that’s all for the updates.

I’ll return to write more.