good bye 2019

2019, you’ve been an emotional roller coaster. I shed many tears, said many prayers, experienced joy and happiness and grieved for a while. This year has been one of the scariest years of my life. From the beginning of the year when I had to go to the ER for an infection in one of my fallopian tubes, to my husband’s nerve pain in his urinary/reproductive system (and he still has some off and on pain), to my brother being on life support as to the uncertainty of his life, to our surprise of being able to conceive, then the devastating loss we had, and a joy of a new nephew who was born in December. But through it all, God is still good, and He’s never changed. He remains faithful. He’s healed my brother, renews our strength and gives us hope. I don’t know what tomorrow or next year will bring, but whatever life throws at us; we’re clinging on to Jesus again.

Note: the stamp date on the blog is wrong. according to my time zone eastern time, it’s still Dec. 31, 2019. i don’t know how to fix it. jfyi. and Happy New Year!

catching trout for the first time

We went fishing for trout in a public stocked pond and had such a great time. At first we didn’t know how to catch them, tried bass fishing techniques and different ways, ended up just using drop-shot with crappie nibbles. We caught 11 trout and missed a few that got away. We fillet and baked them with butter, garlic, lemon salt and pepper. They sure tasted good.





23andme updated results

Screenshot (3)

23andme updated my results again. All these years growing up I’ve been thinking that I’m Cambodian Chinese, but it looks more like I’m Cambodian Vietnamese with a small percentage of Chinese. I’m not sure how true this is. Anyway, I’m still Asian. We’ll see if it updates anymore.

autumn month

Last month I was a little heart broken. We didn’t know that we could get pregnant with Jason’s unpredictable count. Over the past years, Jason’s count has been fluctuating, disappearing or dying. The clomid that the doctor put Jason on must have helped. We weren’t really trying last month due to my brother scary health problem. It just happened when we stopped thinking and trying. It was a glimpse of hope. Now we know that we can get pregnant on our own. I think it’s God’s way of telling us to be patient and it will happen sooner or later. We were glad to experience the excitement even if it was just for a short week. 

My brother has been doing well. His recovery is remarkable. You wouldn’t think that he had an open heart surgery or was even close to dying. His surgery scar looks nicely healed. He’s down to a few meds now and less doctor’s visits. He’s off restrictions and able to drive and go back to work. I’m just glad to have my brother back! God is so faithful, and He is good even in the midst of darkness. His light shines and brings comfort. Thanks be to God.